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We’re excited that you’ve come to our site and are drawn to our imagery.

We have a number of photography programs at various price levels designed to meet just about any budget!  The more expensive options have more work and time invested, but our other offerings speak of quality as well.  So no matter which program you choose, you can be assured of unparalleled value!

The following is a description of the programs we offer.  For complete pricing or more information, you can contact us via email or telephone.  For your convenience, our portrait price list is viewable and downloadable here.

Signature Series Portraits

$875.00 Retainer

This is the product and service line that defined our work over thirty years ago!  Our studio name, Signature Images, came about because the portraits we create would need to be the very best as they would bear our signature on each and every one.

The first step in a Signature Series Portrait is the consultation.  This is when you meet with, Lori Rose, M.Photog.,Cr. You and Lori will explore different ideas, locations and clothing for your session.  Also, this is when a date will be scheduled and the retainer collected.

The session with Lori is not limited to a specific number of poses, shots or time.  Signature Series clients enjoy an unhurried session with no concern that others are waiting for them or that there is some arbitrary cutoff time.  Lori will continue creating different photographs until she feels she has accomplished the goals set at the consultation.

Images created at the studio are viewed following the session; on location projects are usually viewed on a different day based upon the client’s schedule.   During the presentation, refreshments are served for your enjoyment.  We believe that a good image sells itself, therefore, you will never be subjected to sales pressure.

After you have made your selections, the images are art worked and retouched for further enhancement.  All portraits are mounted and sealed with a protective lacquer.

The final images will be ones that you’ll be proud to own and display.  You, your children and future generations will enjoy owning a Signature Series Portrait!  You will be delighted in knowing that the portraits created for you will be part of your families most treasured possessions and more than likely will enjoy the status of “family heirloom” for future generations.

Simplicity Series Portraits

Prices start at $249.00

Includes Session, one print, 8×10 or smaller

Simplicity Series Portraits are similar to our Signature Series with a couple differences.  First, sessions are only available in the studio. But this is not a limiting factor; in fact, many of our clients prefer to stay in the studio as it makes the session easier for them.  We have invested in beautiful sets, flower gardens and more to give a large variety of choices to you when it’s time to select your portraits.

Completed portraits are retouched just as they are under the Signature Series line; you can be assured that you and your loved ones will be looking your best!

Art enhancements, like exchanging expressions, removing items and so forth are not included.  These services can be purchased for an additional fee.  Artwork fees are based on individual images and can be quoted at the time of your order.

Prints are not mounted and do not include a protective lacquer sealant.

Simplicity Plus Series

Prices start at $399.00

Includes Session, one print, 8×10 or smaller

If a Simplicity Series Session is what you want but want to go on location, this is for you!  We will go on location and provide you the same quality of photography and retouching as our Simplicity Series.

Portraits for Business and Social Media


Now more than ever, portraits for business and social media are a requirement for many professions.

When prospective clients or employers research your background, the image you portray could make or break the deal. This is probably the least expensive marketing piece for promoting your brand.

We make updating your business and social media portrait easy.  Sessions are done at the studio and can be done either inside the camera room or outside in the varied sets at the studio.

Your selected portrait is retouched and provided to you as a digital file in both color and black & white.  Since you are the owner of the digital file, you may use the portrait in any media you choose to promote yourself and your business.

Business and Social Media Portraits are usually delivered electronically within 72 hours.

Z-Shoot   For do-it-Yourselfers!

Prices start $249.00

Z-Shoot was designed to offer people who want the digital file to print, post or use however they would like.  Portrait files are retouched, so they’re ready to go without any additional work needed.  Retouching and post-production artwork is important to the final result and are included on every portrait we offer.  Artwork that is requested beyond our normal standards are quoted separately and in addition to published prices.

Portrait Price List

If you would like to see a copy of our entire price list, including the services and prices for Z-Shoots, click here price-list-2016 for a printable copy.

For questions, please give us a call or send us an email!  We’re happy to answer your questions and help you decide which service is best for you.

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